Susie Deane

Susie Deane

For Susie's 80th birthday, she's recorded a musically adventurous album of jazz, folk, and rock hybrids with her son Deane Arnold. The results are exuberantly psychedelic!

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Mother & Child Reunion, $14.97

with guests Steven Day Carter, Dave Fowler, Catherine Arnold, and Deborah Wright

Featuring The Detached Gospel Choir: Glenn Knickerbocker, Fred Boak, Wayne Delia, Kelly Delia, Glenn Arnold, and Mary Arnold

"I had a great time listening to the album... the range of styles made the whole album very enjoyable. The musicianship was noticeably excellent and entertaining!"

“Susie Deane sings classic jazz standards with the spirited sound of the period and a contemporary twist all her own.”

— Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Time's a Dancer Covert Art

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Time's a Dancer, $15.00

with guests Peter Davis, Vinnie Martucci, Harry Aceto, Sam Zucchini, Dave Davies and The Deane Machine

"Suddenly I feel like dancing! Sounds terrific!"

"Listened to it over and over..."

"Time's A Dancer is a lovely jazz album, Deane is a real star!"

"Listening to the CD today - fantastic! Really great job!"

"Kudos to you, Vinnie and your crew!"

"It's a long-awaited wonderful CD, lives up to its promise! Congratulations Susie!"

"I got the CD on Monday and have listened to it constantly. I love it!"

"I'm lovin' the CD... terrific vocals and especially love your phrasings... Enjoying those other musicians, too. You are now on my iPod!"

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