Susie Deane

Susie Deane

“Susie Deane sings classic jazz standards with the spirited sound of the period and a contemporary twist all her own.”

— Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

Time's a Dancer Covert Art

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Time's a Dancer, $20.00

with guests Peter Davis, Vinnie Martucci, Harry Aceto, Sam Zucchini, Dave Davies and The Deane Machine

"Suddenly I feel like dancing! Sounds terrific!"

"Listened to it over and over..."

"Time's A Dancer is a lovely jazz album, Deane is a real star!"

"Listening to the CD today - fantastic! Really great job!"

"Kudos to you, Vinnie and your crew!"

"It's a long-awaited wonderful CD, lives up to its promise! Congratulations Susie!"

"I got the CD on Monday and have listened to it constantly. I love it!"

"I'm lovin' the CD... terrific vocals and especially love your phrasings... Enjoying those other musicians, too. You are now on my iPod!"

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